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Resume as a web

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Web Designer Resume Examples for a Successful Career

Natural No-Poo Cleansers for resume as a Healthy Hair – Hippy Natural Hair Care Series Part 2. AFFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: In order for me to support my blogging and social media activities, I may receive monetary compensation for links to products from this post. However, I only recommend products that I personally love and use myself!. Last week, in resume as a web, my first Natural Hair Care post, I wrote to you about why I will not use baking soda on resume web, my own hair. 1250 Word Essay! We learned about ph and resume, how it affects your hair and scalp, and that baking soda is WAY too alkaline for resume as a web our hair.We now know that our hair prefers to web, keep a ph of resume as a web, 4.5, and resume, when we cleanse our hair or use any other kinds of hair products, we want to arguments essay, make sure its ph is within 4.5-7 to keep our scalp and hair ph balanced. Since I don't use baking soda on my hair when I no-poo, you all were VERY curious as to resume, what I actually DO use instead. 1250 Word Essay! Today I am going to as a, give you several ph-balanced options to try so that you can find the 1250 word essay, right one for your hair, and at the end of web, this post, I will share my own personal ramped up the recipe that I have been using on MY hair. What should you avoid cleansing your hair with? Both baking soda (ph of 9.5) and gothic architecture research papers, castile soap (ph of 9.0) are just too alkaline to be used when cleansing our hair. These product's high ph is what gives them the ability to web, open up our hair follicles, much like chemical hair dyes. After some time, your hair may start to become dry and essays, brittle, and break off more frequently.

Some hairdressers do suggest the use of baking soda, once a month for a clarifying wash. What can you use to no-poo cleanse your hair? With so many blog posts out there purporting the awesomeness of the baking soda no-poo method, it leads one to wonder if there are any other options, but BEHOLD! There are actually quite a few options that you can wash your hair with, no-poo style. I have made a point of trying all of them for the sake of as a web, doing my research for you guys. (I might have also forced my husband to be a guinea pig along with me. I am really thankful that the chief resume, Hippy Hubby allows me to resume web, use him for testing purposes!) Aloe Vera gel – with a ph of persuasive essays, 4.5-5.5, aloe vera is a really great option to no-poo with.

There is even a great aloe vera and coconut milk recipe out there that sounds pretty divine! Raw unfiltered honey – with a ph of around 4, honey is also very conditioning to the hair and as a web, can help reduce frizz too! Lauren@EmpoweredSustenance has a great honey shampoo recipe! Raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar – With a ph of essay, 3-3.5 ACV is resume a great choice when diluted. Order Research Outline! I like to dilute mine with aloe vera and water.

Note that ACV is chosen over white vinegar because it has a higher ph than white vinegar. Filtered water – There are some people who simply just wash their hair with water. My own hair needs a lot more help than just water. I suspect this works on those who A) haven't really damage their hair any before the change AND B) have clean water that isn't too hard. Hard water can make a huge difference on how clean your hair gets, and resume as a web, it especially interacts with natural soaps like castile soap, leaving too much build up. Herbal Infused Tea – There are so many hair healing herbs that you can use in some capacity in any natural no-poo method that you choose, but plain herbal tea can be used to research outline, cleanse and/or rinse your hair as well. See below for as a specific herbs to copy resume, helps your hair type.

Clay – Both Bentonite clay and Rhassoul clay have wonderful healing benefits, no only for our faces, but also for our hair! Containing a plethora of minerals and awesome cleansing powers, clay should not be ignored when making your own no-poo shampoo. Clay has the power to both cleanse and condition while keeping your scalp and hair's oil cycle in as a, fact. (The ph of 1 Tbsp. Rhassoul clay and 8 oz. filtered water can be a little high at 6, so it's always best to chief, either add lower ph ingredients such as ACV or aloe vera to the mix or rinse with an apple cider vinegar rinse after washing.) Saponin Cleansing Herbs – Did you know that you can wash your hair with herbs that act like soap and get a little sudsy? If you have ever used soap nuts in your laundry to clean your clothes, then you have had a saponin cleansing herb all along! Saponins are plant-based versions of resume, cleansing suds and can be used in persuasive, place of soap to clean things including our hair! Saponin cleansing herbs include yucca root, soapnuts, and soapwort. One of my favorite soapnuts/soapwort shampoo is my recipe for my Herbal Goddess Soapnuts Shampoo. It's one of my favorite recipes. Hair healing herbs for health and growth.

There are so many great herbs to use in your hair recipes! According to the MountainRose Blog whether you have dry hair, oily hair, thinning hair, or even want a color boost, you can use herbs to help you make your hair healthier and happier! The Hippy Homemaker's Ultra Awesome Hair Cleansing and Conditioning Mud. If you would rather use more of web, a shampoo-like recipe, you can also try my Herbal Goddess Soapnuts Shampoo! I like to switch up using both so that my hair does not get used to either. When I am experiencing more oily hair I use this mud shampoo and when I am in need more moisture I use the soapnuts shampoo! You might try both to find which works best for your hair! It should be noted though that, there is still a detox period using any natural method of no-pooing. You can learn more about the detox period here. 3 cups filtered water (I personally use a hydrosol to birth order paper, get the added benefits of herbs. My current mud cleanser in the shower, contains lime hydrosol) 2 Tbsp. Resume As A Web! marshmallow root (the slip that this provides really makes a difference in essay, the end result.

Though you can omit the “hair healing herbs” below, I would not omit the marshmallow root.) 4-6 Tbsp. hair healing herbs of resume as a, choice (I personally ALWAYS make mine with 1 Tbsp. Copy Resume! each of as a, horsetail, oatstraw, nettle, green tea, and for an extra little bit of a red boost I add hibiscus flowers. If given a choice of copy resume, herbs for all hair types that really make this recipe awesome, I would say don't leave out the web, horsetail, oatstraw, and nettle leaf. Horsetail and birth order research outline, oatstraw contain high amounts of silica and this helps your hair feel much softer and grow much faster. Nettle contains a high amount of vitamins and minerals that are great for all hair types and resume as a, helps to stimulate the scalp.) 1/2 cup raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar 3/4 cup clay (You can use bentonite clay or rhassoul clay. I personally LOVE rhassoul clay and find that its high mineral content really makes a difference on my hair, but people with oily hair/scalp might find bentonite clay helps to keep the oils at bay.) 1/4 cup aloe vera gel 1 Tbsp. carrier oil of choice (optional – If your hair is persuasive on stds really dry, add this into as a your shampoo! It will wash out, don't worry!) essential oils of chief, choice. This recipe is resume as a web first a decoction. When using roots, especially mucilage giving roots like marshmallow root, it is better to release their healing properties by simmering the root in water (or hydrosol) for 15-20 minutes. Bring 3 cups water (or hydrosol) and marshmallow root to a boil and turn down to simmer for 15-20 minutes. After making the marshmallow root decoction, remove from heat and add hair healing herbs of your choice.

Leave all of the herbs to organizing essay, steep until it's cool. Strain herbs, taking extra care to resume, squeeze out the herbs to get all the extra tea. Combine 1 cup of herbal infusion/decoction with apple cider vinegar, clay, aloe vera gel, and architecture papers, essential oils. Stir until completely mixed together. Resume Web! Store in order, an air-tight container for a week in your bath tub (or longer if you add a few drops of a natural preservative such as grapeseed extract, grapefruit seed extract, rosemary antioxidant, and/or colloidal silver. Refrigeration can also help keep your mud for several months.) TO USE: Wet hair as you would when shampooing, then pour mud into your palm and begin cleansing your hair with it, starting from your roots and massaging down to the tips. As A! Let sit for 5 minutes (don't let it dry) and then rinse clean. Follow with a diluted apple cider vinegar rinse (I use a 32 oz spray bottle and combine 1/4 cup ACV, 1/4 cup aloe vera gel, water to order research outline, fill, and resume web, essential oils . I spray my hair until it's soaked with the ACV rinse and then comb my hair through.

You can either rinse clean or leave in to dry in your hair. Resume As A Web! It won't smell of ACV when your hair dries.) Miss part of this hair care series? All information on as a web, The Hippy Homemaker is meant for persuasive on stds educational and informational purposes only. The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and web, Drug Administration. Products and/or information are not intended to 1250 word essay, diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. Web! Readers are advised to do their own research and make decisions in partnership with their health care provider. If you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition or are taking any medication, please consult your physician.

If I was going to include burdock root, would I add that to the marshmallow root decotion process rather than to steep with the aerial herbs? yes! roots all do better in decoction because they are sturdier than leaves! Its week one for me. Ive just used plain water so far but now am reconsidering my stubbornness. I prided myself on having a massive array of shampoos but now Im switching over to the no poo community! I was going to order that clay mask you mentioned to speed up the 1250 word essay, detox process but I was wondering in the meantime about the homemade options.

I have honey, ACV, aloe, and coconut milk. Can I just mix them all together or do they each do different things? I have sort of thick wavy red hair. Its mostly very oily but I can feel it starting to dry out at the ends. Resume As A! any help/advice would be really appreciated! Thank you so much 3. I found Avalon Organics Volumizing Rosemary Shampoo at the store and order research, I know it is vegan (very important to me so I was happy to resume as a web, find it at birth paper, a great price), but I do not know if it will damage my hair. Resume! I have been doing the no poo method for resume as a web a while now, and it has been going great. I have been trying different recipes, but I am in college and resume, I have found it difficult to store my shampoo in the small refrigerator with the food my roommate and I have. I am curious to try out this shampoo, but I do not want to have to start back at square one. Is this an chief resume, okay shampoo to use? you should totally try it out and resume, tell me how it works for persuasive essays you.

It may work well or it may be a little too much moisture for your hair! For a frizz smoothing agent before blow drying (which will be totally fine!) you can use just a drop or two of vegetable glycerin to smooth out your ends before blow drying. you might try my herbal goddess soapnuts shampoo recipe ( and add 1 tbsp. clay to that recipe! I like to switch between that recipe and as a web, the addition of the clay to it depending on where in resume as a web, my hair cycle i am (greasy or dry) you might make up my mud cleanser, but don’t add any water type liquids (carrier oils for moisturizing and essential oils will be fine in the mix, but water brings bacteria and mold!). So it’ll be like a clay mask, then when you are ready to wash your hair, pour some of the powdered mixture into resume a cup and add a bit of water or tea to it until it’s a liquidy consistency that you can massage into your hair and then rinse! You can take an ACV rinse with you to follow up with as a conditioner as well! ( because that won’t go bad being that it’s a vinegar! I use my infused usually if I have it on on stds, hand!! if you are simply doing marshmallow root by itself in water, it does even better in a cold infusion than a hot!

Combine 1/4 cup marshmallow root in a 16 oz mason jar and let sit overnight in web, the cool water! yes i tend to chief resume, use the clay shampoos during the web, part of the month that my hair is more oily and my soap nuts shampoo during the resume as a web, times of the month that my hair is more dry. I made this shampoo exactly as the recipe goes but every single time I try to as a, rinse it out of 1250 word essay, my hair I’m always left with bits of clay that make it look like I’ve got bad dandruff. I rinsed today with a fine toothed comb for as a web almost twenty minutes straight and chief resume, it’s still left in my hair. What am I doing wrong? I like to mix a small amount of the mud, in a mug that I keep in the shower, with a decent amount of resume, water (say 1/4 mud and birth, 3/4 water) to make a soupy mixture.

I then pour this over my head, massage in and then rinse clean! When I do it this way, I have no issues! marshmallow root is great for resume as a web all hair types! i like to get all my herbs in gothic architecture research papers, the whole form rather than powder because with a cheap coffee grinder you can grind it as you need it! When you get the whole kind (like the dried flowers) you can easier add it into infusions (teas/oil infusions) too! In whole form you can use it for everything!

Hey Christina, Could you tell me how many drops of essential oil to put into resume as a the cleansing mud as i’m not too sure? Thanks a million for sharing, can’t wait to try it! #128578; I usually do 15 lavender and resume as a web, 15 grapefruit in mine! Thanks Christina, i think maybe 2 drops of resume web, lavender was a little too cautious!! Absolutely loving it though. Went the ‘water only’ method about 4 months ago and was going great being in a soft water area. We travel alot and are now in a hard water area and had to give my hair a little extra, as the oil build up wasn’t shifting. Fantastic result and really enjoyed putting it all together. Herbal all the way.

Peace and Love. How necessary is the ACV rinse? My husband and I can’t stand the smell and 1250 word essay, I can still smell it after my hair has dried, unlike most people! Would lemon juice work as a replacement? lemon juice is a lot more acidic, i like to resume as a, water my ACV down so that it’s at research, the right pH for my hair, but more than that I usually rinse mine, I don’t leave it in resume as a web, and I have never smelled it on my hair afterwards! The ACV is architecture research a fantastic conditioner and web, even cleanser to your hair, I use it on my hair every day. Hey Hippy Homemaker!

I started the transition to “no poo” about two weeks ago going all out with the birth order research paper outline, detox and only using water. Resume! My hair is resume as a web honestly disgusting but I am excited to start using your shampoo recipes! I have read so many bad things about baking soda that I am so happy to have found you. Resume As A Web! I do have one question about 1250 word essay, your ACV rinse at the end. Resume As A Web! I have tried this type of rinse before and neither I nor my husband could stand the smell. Resume As A Web! I was just wondering how important this step was… or even why it is necessary? If it is, could I use lemon juice to have the same effect? Thanks!! nettle leaves!

I try to resume web, avoid things that are too basic too, and because of that take pH strips to my concoctions, i normally like to birth order paper outline, use rhassoul clay on my hair for daily use and bentoninte for as a clarifying once a month or so because it makes my own hair a bit dry compared to rhassoul clay! Hello Christina, thank you for putting this together! I purchased all of the resume as a web, ingredients you suggested and this recipe works great. I can barely believe clay and herbs would clean my hair so well. I’ve tried other no poo recipes with horrible results and almost gave up but thought I’d give it one more shot. So glad I did! One question would be about the concern with clay going down the drain. Resume! Have you found this to clog your shower drain after continuous use? I use clay a lot, but because of my coconut oil usage as well, I make a point to essays on stds, clean and refresh our pipes frequently. Web! If you do it while there are no problems, then baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water will keep it going just fine! these are recommendations for herbs, not essential oils!

Ironically, I found this article a while back- previous to 1250 word essay, ditching the resume, hard stuff. Yet, there I was, gleefully dissolving baby mild castille bar with water and eo. Went through the detox, and copy, my hair was literally falling apart! I realized that you may actually know your stuff! I have washed with clay the past 2 washes, and resume web, it is resume as a web like a complete 180! I have found the resume as a, answer for my fine, blonde hair and sensitive scalp. Thank you for birth order paper your knowledge, and your awesome recipe.

I will remember to trust you next time! I am so glad to resume web, hear that your hair is coming back #128578; Do the cleanser and the ACV rinse need to be stored in a glass container and spray bottle or are plastic okay? SO excited to try this recipe! I box dye my hair approx every 3 months. Does this mean my hair will go through a detox process every time? If it wasn’t for my stubborn greys, I wouldn’t be dying it at arguments, all. It is resume web likely that you might go through a short detox, probably only essay a few days up to a week at most, after box dying your hair. It really depends on the box dye that is being used and web, what’s in the conditioning cream that comes with it! It’s likely the final conditioner that would do more than the essays on stds, dye itself.

I find that dyeing your hair does more clarifying than anything else, but that conditioner that comes with it, as the web, final step in the process may have ingredients that will make your scalp want to 1250 word essay, detox again. As A! If you find a great natural deep conditioner to use right after, maybe you will be able to avoid the organizing, repeated detox issue! If you do that, let me know how it goes! I henna my hair, so my box dye readers would love to hear how it goes! #128578; Melissa I have actually heard that in a lot of resume web, cases no poo(not baking soda, but the more natural methods) some of the no pooers have said that their gray hair actually grew back to their natural hair color once they went no poo! Thank you SO MUCH!! I’ve been using this delightful shampoo for 2 weeks now and I’m past the detox phase. Your articles are so informative and gothic architecture, helpful, and gave me hope when my hair was a sticky, matted mess lol. I can’t believe how AMAZING my hair is now.

I never thought it could look and web, feel this good. It is honestly the organizing arguments, hair I’d always wished for. So excited to try your other recipes! I’ll never use crazy expensive salon shampoo again! hi! could i go half and web, half on the clay? like instead of 1 cup of one clay, do half a cup of bentonite and a half cup of resume as a web, rhassoul? will they mix together ok? fingers crossed for this! thanks! yeah totally! I do that with face and hair masks all the time. Happy no’pooing!

I am so glad I found this blog! I have been doing a lot of as a, research in organizing, some natural hair care and I was at as a, first considering the BC/ACV method, but me being me, I had to 1250 word essay, do more research before I put my hair through anything. Web! I have thin but very curly hair, but I cannot afford to lose any hair. When clumps of 1250 word essay, my hair fall out, I notice. I usually have to wash my hair every other day, and resume, I really want to cut back down on it. Essay! I am visiting parents for resume as a web 5 weeks, so I figure since I won’t be going out or doing much, this might be a good time to detox my hair and try washing less often, but I am still nervous because when I do not wash my hair within that one day, it gets so greasy.

I did a little research and I am really trying to keep whatever products I use closets to gothic architecture, the natural PH balance of my hair, and as a, I guess my question is, since the bentonite clay is paper outline higher than the resume web, rhassoul clay(Ph wise), wouldn’t it jus be better to use the rhassoul clay despite how oily my hair gets? I figure since I have a good amount of time to essays, detox from the oiliness, I might as well just use the as a, rhassoul clay? Or does it really not make that much of a difference? Anyway, I am really glad I found this because I am excited to try this and I honestly think this will be the best option for my hair in the long run. It’s really up to you if you would rather wash like normal and then taper down to 2-3 times a week, or you can choose to just go cold turkey and birth research outline, only wash 2-3 (or even just once a week). Depending on which option you choose can affect how long you end up going through a detox as well as how mild or intense the detox can be. Those that choose to go the web, tapering route tend to resume as a web, find the detox to be a little more mild, but also lasts longer, while those who go cold turkey can find their detox to web, be more intense but for a much shorter period of time! MRH is out of Rhassoul clay right now. Would Kaolin clay work?

I don’t have overly oily hair so didn’t want to try the Bentonite clay. I read your blog on resume as a web, face cleaners and was going to get Kaolin for my face anyway so would it work for my hair too? Also I love your blog. I can’t wait to resume, try this hair cleaner. Copy! I’ve looked everywhere and nothing works. Thanks for sharing!

yes kaolin will be great for your hair as well! You are thinking correctly. I like hemp seed oil, it’s super nutritious and a drier oil so it doesn’t leave your hair nearly as greasy as some other heavier oils can! Have you figured out the resume as a, cost of this shampoo?? And how long it lasts?? Super excited to try it! thank you!

Would marshmallow root extract work or would it have to be the actual root? I’ve been using baking soda and I hate it, so I’m really excited to 1250 word essay, try your method! So happy to see something other than baking soda for resume a no-poo method! if it is a water based extract and not an resume as a web, alcohol based extract, then yes that’s essentially what your doing with this recipe! The alcohol based extract (or tincture) would still be great in small portions to add the beneficial properties of the plant to the recipe! It’s usually more concentrated than a water extract so you would use less . I am so glad you are excited to try some of these options! I can’t wait to hear which one you like the best #128578; Thank you for the quick reply!

I will definitely be trying this very soon! I like to use it in my conditioning hair rinse in web, the shower with some ACV or in 1250 word essay, a marshmallow root detangling spray! You’re hair loves it so you could add it to your ocean waves spray, homemade hair spray and more! I prefer to buy my herbs in whole leaf form only because you can just grind them for the powdered needs or keep them whole for teas, but you can essential use them for the same purposes, it’s just harder to strain out a powder than it is a whole leaf! I use just a cheap coffee grinder (I think I paid $10 for it lol) and it’s dedicated to my herbs (because coffee will leave behind oils that can be hard to as a, get out, so we use two separate ones! I would love to try to make this shampoo with soapnuts in stead of clay (mostly because I currently have soapnuts but no clay) and raw honey, but do you know how long shelf life this would have? Could I possibly freeze the shampoo in ice cube trays or something? I really want to resume as a web, make a big batch of this! I actually make a soapnuts shampoo, you can find the recipe here: ( You can however freeze either of the mixtures in as a web, ice cube trays if you want! Thank you for answering so quick!

I just discovered your blog today, and it’s simply fabulous! I’ve been on the natural wagon for several years now, but some home made recipies can always be improved with new knowledge, so this is blog is just everything I was looking for. Thank you! Has anyone used this on organizing arguments, their kids hair? I would really like to use this for my daughter who is as a web 4. She has very fine hair and it has taken forever for architecture it to resume web, grow! She has never had her hair cut and it’s only to 1250 word essay, her shoulders! I was thinking with all the herbs it might help with her hair growth. I have used this on my kiddo’s hair (he’s 5) and it’s easier to wash/use my Herbal Goddess Soapnuts shampoo ( on the kiddos! I think that that would work the best for hairgrowth too! It’s not the bentonite clay that is as a web causing you this issue, it’s likely you are experiencing a detox, as these are symptoms of detox in your hair/scalp! I wrote more about this topic here:

Wow! Thanks for getting back to me so fast Christina! You are awesome! I would suspect a detox too but I’ve been using baking soda/ACV or just water on my hair for copy chief resume a few weeks. I also did the bentonite detox right before. Before that I used a sulfate-free shampoo periodically (Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle). Resume Web! A couple years ago I did the copy resume, baking soda/ACV regime for web over 5 months and 1250 word essay, it never got better so I gave up! lol. As A! I only copy use henna to resume, dye my hair. Do you think my hair didn’t detox with the gothic research, baking soda?

I will try this recipe a few more times and see what happens. As A Web! I’ve been spending the last hour on your site. Such great info. I really want to try the resume as a web, soap nut shampoo too. Resume As A Web! Did I mention you are awesome?! My detox from natural products took a little over two months, and using any foamy/bubble producing shampoos (natural or not) will interfere with that and cause you to continue to go through a detox or go through one again because the soap will wash away the organizing, oil cycle you have going on the scalp. You might try using my soapnuts Herbal Goddess shampoo (it’s nopoo also) instead, as I have seen a lot of people’s hair respond positively with that shampoo! I think you will find that one works better, especially if the resume, clay one doesn’t. You can also alternate between the two depending on architecture, how oily/dry your hair is. Sounds good! I will try it for sure! #128578;

I’ve been lookin for resume web an alternative to baking soda and I love your recipe! Have you tested the pH of the product? I’m curious to persuasive essays on stds, see if it falls witting the ideal range. Resume! Thanks for sharing!! yes the aloe vera and persuasive, apple cider vinegar help to resume as a, keep it in the slightly acidic range that our hair and scalp loves! Essential oils and hydrosols also have phs in copy, the acidic range that our hair and scalp loves so with no alkaline ingredients, this and the soapnuts Herbal Goddess shampoo are both perfectly in range for our hairs ph! You can use that ph to see if the as a web, product is going bad too, if it starts going more alkaline, then it’s no longer good, though this won’t happen of chief resume, course, if you use a preservative. I love to strip test all of my hydrosols to make sure they are within range (each one has a slightly different range and if they come too far away from it you know that they are no longer good!) Hi!

So, I have recently made the decision to change my home over to resume as a web, a more natural and essays on stds, environmentally friendly environment. I actually made this decision by first using the no-poo method using baking soda and apple cider vinegar. As A! I had such a good experience with it, that I decided to on stds, make my own of everything. It has been 5 months and my hair is still doing great! But after doing research on the importance of PH, I would like to do something a little more healthy for my hair, longterm. I am having a problem finding recipes that do not contain baking soda or castile soap, but that also don’t require that you refrigerate them.

Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for this post! I’m wondering where you get the herbs you talk about. Some I can pick up in the grocery store, but things like horsetail, oatstraw, and resume as a web, nettle are less common… Do you grow them yourself, or get them from a retailer? If you buy them, what kind of place should I be searching to order research paper outline, find herbs like that? If you click the link on many of the ingredients, you can find them all at Mountain Rose Herbs! I leave links within the post for resume as a it!

yes I totally henna while using the mud shampoo! It’s color safe! your liquid oil to hard oil/butter is going to affect your hardness of butter. Also the cold afffects that as well. In the summertime your butter will be nice and soft, just like your coconut oil is melted during the warmer seasons as well.

Cocoa butter is copy chief also a much harder butter than shea and mango butter are, plus it has a naturally chocolatey scent. As A! I like to order research outline, use a combo of unrefined shea and mango butter, as those two are roughly the same softness as each other and don’t really have any scent. Hi there, I just made this and have been doing some reading about how bentonite clay shouldn’t be used with metal. I stirred the mixture in a metal pot and am wondering if I now have to start from resume as a web, scratch. I made this last night but left out the herbs/tea part just used marshmallow root powder from the papers, capsules. A gal from the vitamins section at Sprouts claimed its the same thing? Did I mess up?

I only put maybe half a cup of water in this recipe. Anyways, my roots feel greasy and as a, waxy #128577; I used Bentonite clay because my hair gets oily. I did the Bragg ACV/Aloe as well with the same instructions. Any tips/suggestions would be appreciated! I want to master this! Are there any other preservatives I could include? I’m not sure about the safety of the colloidal silver, and the Rosemary extract is chief pretty pricey :/ Would it be possible to use vitamin E instead? Hi I have been using the Heavenly Hippie Hair mask, the resume as a web, clay shampoo and the herbal detangling spray for about 6 weeks now. I love it! My hair feels great and 1250 word essay, my scalp no longer itches like crazy. Resume! I have a question though.

I still get white hunk under my nails when I scratch my head. It runs I to my fingers really easily like an oil. Is this normal? this is persuasive essays totally normal! It will eventually go away but that white stuff is the resume as a web, plastic like materials that is in your old hair care products and resume as a web, shampoos, to give your hair that smooth conditioned feeling. It can take up to two months sometimes even three, for it all to shed from resume, your hair and scalp. I wrote a bit about detox here. That clay hair mask in there might help a bit too. Bentonite clay is 1250 word essay great for sucking out toxins! Yay.

I found your recipe by searching “no poo alternative to resume as a web, baking soda“!! Ugh! I’ve benn doing no poo for about 6 months of course had similar experience… Okay at first, then hair falling out, oily yet dry just unsatisfactory!! Tried your recipe tonight my hair feels amazing!! I had most stuff on hand(thankfully marshmallow root!) but substituted the herbs you recommended with stuff I had; a breastfeeding tea (no longer breastfeeding) that had nettle, raspberry leaf, lemon balm (and some other herbs) plus added Rosemary a white tea w/rose hips peppermint… I also omitted the carrier oil… Looking forward to the horsetail oatstraw once this batch is used! I’m thinking of copy chief, getting a squeeze bottle for resume as a web ease of use keeping it in arguments essay, the fridge. I’ve seen you mentioned Hydrosols quite a bit on your site and your provide a link to a peppermint hydrosol on resume as a web, Mountain Rose Herbs. 1250 Word Essay! Do you have any other source where you purchase Hydrosols? When I look at recipes that call for 2-3 cups of hydrosol (for example your shampoo recipes), but then the web, products are only 1250 word essay lasting up to web, a month it seems super expensive. The Hydrosols are MRH are $16 just to organizing essay, get 2 cups.

I make my own hydrosol! I should make a post on it here soon, because it’s very easy to do and will save you a lot more money in the long run! Really good to know! I was gulping thinking at the cost for my hair products. =) Would be very interested in a hydrosol post. Hello! I can’t wait to try this recipe today, my 9 yr old red headed daughter and I are approaching it as a homeschooling project, in hopes of as a web, improving her fine red hair and my 3 yr old daughter’s natural platinum blonde corkscrew curls! I’m really wanting to add Raw honey to this. At what point during the process do you suggest I add honey, and how much? Thank you! This is going to seem like a silly question.

Is one supposed to use all the different herbs listed in on stds, each hair type? I tend to have oilier hair, so do I use all those different herbs or just pick one and then add the horsetail, oatstraw and web, nettle? I know this mud doesn’t have a long shelf life, but can I freeze them into ice cubes and pull them out the night before I need to use it? I saw that on 1250 word essay, another blog. Looking forward to trying this out. I unfortunately already ordered the “expensive” morrocco method starter kit. As A Web! I will try that and chief, once that is as a web done I would love to essay, try this method and see how it works.

nope you do not have to use all of the resume web, herbs, I just give lists of all of the ones that you CAN use, so that you can choose based off of allergies, what you have on persuasive essays, hand, or what you can afford to use! I find that giving more options helps with creativity! You can in fact put them in ice cubes trays in the freezer to keep them longer! That’s a great idea! I personally use the same Morrocco Method set here at resume as a web, home and LOVE it! note that those MM shampoos are concentrated, so i keep a cup in the shower that I squirt about 1/2 – 1 Tbsp of the shampoo into and then fill the chief, cup with 1/2 – 1 cup of resume as a, water, then stir it around and 1250 word essay, use that on my head. This helps you to as a, not over resume as a web use the product and resume as a web, it really helps it to last a whole lot longer (especially for 1250 word essay the price). Shampooing with them 2x a week, i have made that set last well over web 2 months already and still have plenty left! Could you tell me about how much does it cost to make a batch of your recipe? Also how often do you have to make it? Thank you! #128578;

I went to rose mountain herbs and priced everything at about 36 dollars. and that $36 worth will last for MONTHS of chief resume, use. The best part lol. Why do i need to as a, boil 3 cups of gothic architecture research, distilled water if i am only using i cup of the decoction?? Could i just boil one cup instead to save water?

because as the decoction simmers down over the 20 minutes, it will evaporate a lot of the water during the process. Also lowering your water amount means lowering your herb amount as well. OMG what a life saver! I started using the no-poo method a few months ago and as a, it did help at papers, first but lately my hair is breaking off and resume, looks worse than ever! So I feel ya on the bun!

Thanks for the recipe! I made it about chief resume, 3 weeks ago and I wash my hair twice a week and don’t need to resume, use a lot. I find it starts to essays, get mold, I wonder what can I do or add to resume, prevent the birth paper, mold develops? You can either combine citric acid and colloidal silver to help further the resume as a web, shelf life, add 20 drops grapefruit seed extract, or refrigerate it to last longer! My hair is baby fine with 3A and 3b curls (doll curls I call them) and have had many problems with hair loss around my ears. My stylist assured me it wasn’t the dye, but my sides kept getting thinner and thinner. So I stopped dying my hair and used a ton of hair loss products, Nioxin being the 1250 word essay, biggest, most expensive. Resume Web! I added more iron in my diet and organizing, switched to resume as a, herbal remedies for some other things I was taking birth control for. Hair stabilized, but I still had to add a bunch of essays, serums, mousses, curl helpers, to get my curls back after a wash. I even considered getting a perm for my “naturally curly hair”. Then…and I still can’t remember how I found out about the no-poo thing – I discovered that people were getting great hair and their curls back(if they had them) by as a web not shampooing and using alternative washes.

So I jumped on that band wagon running and waving my hands hysterically, lol. There were some…hiccups. I used olive oil and banana once. ONCE. Never again. I almost had to use shampoo to get that crud out. Same with avocado. Gah. Horrible. BS and persuasive on stds, ACV never seemed to resume as a, work, and then I found out why: I had hard water.

So I tried Castile soap and that left my hair really frizzy and weird feeling. I tried boiling my water and mixing BS and resume as a web, that kinda worked, but again, hair really dry. I had to use a mix of honey and AV to get my curls back (but they were coming back without me putting a bunch of gunk…so that was good). Resume Web! I still had the issue of gray gunk returning every three days. It coated my brush and was pretty gross to gothic papers, look at. Waxiness was an issue too, and some mornings I couldn’t even put my fingers through my hair. As A Web! Ew. Herbs/Rhassoul clay combo finally emerged the winner, but I got a little too zealous and gothic architecture research papers, ended up using it more than once a week…which ended up drying my hair out pretty bad. Still had to use Aloe Vera to resume web, condition, as oils weren’t an option.

I settled with less Rhassoul, and more herbs, but I got lazy (because steeping is SO difficult) – and by then, my hair seemed fine with water only, so I went with that and citrus rinses a few times a week. Rhassoul clay mask around once every three or four weeks. Aloe vera leave in. Long story short. Marshmallow has been my hair saver. I’ve been using it consistently for copy a month now, and resume, I have great hair.

Still thinner than I would like on the sides, but I blame dye damage and diet. Curls are all over chief resume the place with no help now other than a leave-in recipe similar to yours ( I add some hibiscus for color and catnip (which is supposed to resume as a, be awesome for ends) to the infusion, and organizing arguments essay, a 1/4 cup of a base of marshmallow. Resume As A! fenugreek seeds, and essays, flaxseed. I boil that, add the other herbs (catnip can’t be boiled) and as a, use that as a gel. It defines my curls without being sticky or waxy and resume as a web, leaves my hair really soft. I mixed that base to your mud recipe (cause I figured why not, and my hair really likes that flaxseed mucilage) and added a little less ACV (my hair is porous and seems to hold onto that ACV smell even when dry. Though, I did infuse the ACV with herbs rosemary,lavender and sage which cut down on as a, the vinegar scent a bit), and had to shake the mason jar vigorously to organizing, combine. Web! The thicker mucilage freaks out the clay, but it eventually learn to get along. Anyway, I used it to resume as a web, wash my hair today, and it’s like fairy hair, it’s so soft. I used Argan and Meadowfoam for the Tbsp of oil part.

My leave in was the same and resume, a little more since rhassoul clay – no matter what I put with it – tends to resume, do its job a little too well with cleansing the excess oils from my hair. Oh, and I also bought a shower filter so my water isn’t so hard. That’s really helped with the overall issues of as a, waxiness, but I wouldn’t give it all the credit. Either way, I love this hair mud and it will be a staple from now on. Gothic Architecture Research! I still have thin sides, but even at resume, the peak of my hair loss, it never was too noticeable. Birth Research! It might never recover, but at resume as a, least now it has the resume as a web, optimal environment to grow. As A! I have a few more grays now though, which I’m using blackstrap molasses to resume as a web, hopefully, make those go away. Wow, long comment. Sorry! Just want to resume as a web, say before I go thanks for sharing your recipes! I definitely bookmarked your blog #128512;

I am an avid swimmer and would like to 1250 word essay, stop using my commercial shampoo and conditioner – and begin to resume as a, try the honey shampoo transition. Organizing Essay! But, I wonder if my hair/scalp will ever normalize since I am always getting into web pool water and sometimes the ocean. It seems I would be just adding more chemicals that way and the honey shampooing might not have any results. This summer I was concerned that all of the swimming that I was going to arguments, do with Silas at resume web, the pool, was going to resume as a web, ruin my no-poo ways. Web! I made a point to chief resume, immediately rinse my hair and use my apple cider vinegar rinse afterwards to help seal in my hair cuticles.

I have not noticed an issue with it messing with my hairs oil balance (once I was done detoxing of course). You can also wear a swimmers cap while swimming, which is what I did throughout swimteam when I was in web, high school. My hair is always dry when I wear a swimmers cap! I am a little confused by your direction to 1250 word essay, make henna mix. you say not to expose henna to a metal bowl, but then the web, next step is to heat it in essays on stds, a pan (with water). So does the pan have to resume as a web, be non -metal as well? I changed it. I origionally was told it would affect it, but since then have been told otherwise.

I use stainless steel pans so either way it shouldn’t cause any problems. Also, are the hair healing herbs in persuasive, powder form or just cut/whole? Couldn’t find any green tea powder. Thanks! What essential oils do you recommend? I’ve never used them before and am ion unfamiliar territory.

Thanks! lavender is resume as a a great oil to start with because it’s great for all hair types. Gothic Architecture Research Papers! Rosemary is resume as a web also really awesome because it is known to help with hair growth and scalp stimulation! As for the hair healing herbs I buy them cut/whole and architecture research, use a cheapo coffee grinder to grind my herbs when I need a powder. Buy whole/cut means more uses for as a the herbs whereas all the essay, recipes don’t call for resume as a ground herbs! I have a question about the mud recipe. It calls for 3/4 clay. What measurement is. it asking for, tsp, TBS, cup? Thanks. that was meant to say 3/4 cup!

Thanks for pointing that out!! I have a question. If you no-poo can you still color your hair? I have been coloring my hair for resume as a web years (I am very gray). I am not old enough to have this much gray hair lol. Web! I just bought some natural hair color and persuasive essays on stds, am wanting to use natural shampoo.

I am not sure where to start. Resume As A Web! Will the no-poo completely strip the old dye from my hair? If so, I may go gray lol. If not, then I need to continue to color my hair because of the drastic color difference. My hair is very long and resume as a web, dark brown. From what I have read people with color treated hair do not fair well from no pooing with baking soda because it can change the hair color (I know that when baking soda is mixed with my hibiscus (red or pink) lip stain that it turns the color blue from the chemical reaction, BUT if you are no-pooing with aloe/honey/clays/etc. Resume As A! As far as I know it should not interfere with your color. Chief! The best option is to start hennaing your hair.

You can cover grays with it and it helps to further condition your hair and helps strengthen it too! This is as a web my post on natural herbal hair coloring: I LOVE your website! I recently decided to start using essential oils and had looked into Young Living. My mother was doing research and came across your site! Now because of copy resume, your site, I have decided against that company and have been going to our local “Campbell Food Store” it’s like Whole Foods but a Des Moines (locally owned) store. Resume As A Web! #128578; I am excited to gothic research, try some of the resume, no-poo ideas as well.

For, I have had issues with losing my hair, as well! Nioxin is a joke – supposed to help in hair loss and it promotes it!! Keep all the goodness coming! I’m going to start passing your site along to friends! Thanks so much for resume as a web sharing your knowledge! So, I was really excited to resume web, try out resume your recipe, and I would be thrilled if I could wash my hair less. I tried the resume web, baking soda / acv method, but found that it really dried out resume my hair and gave me dandruff. I made the as a, shampoo this weekend, and while I had no troubles with that part, I do have a question about using it.

I washed my hair with it this morning, but it did not clean my hair at essays on stds, all. It seemed to resume, have cleaned the top part or layer of my hair alright, but underneath, it is resume all matted, greasy and gross. How much do you use? My hair is fairly fine, but more on the long side — reaches to as a web, probably my armpits. Do you have an approximate guess? Like, a palmful? Or rub some into order research paper outline your hairline then squeeze out some more for the back of resume, your head (where it gets greasiest)? Maybe the gothic research, proper question is: do you use more than you would for resume shampoo? I’m guessing (hopefully) that I just did not use enough. Also, I noted that you said the research papers, shampoo only lasts a week on the shelf (. ) and that you’re only washing once a week … so how does that work? Thanks so much!

Great post with lots of information. Hi there Megan! I am so glad you made the mud shampoo! If you have longer hair you may want to use more for as a sure. I end up using a palm full and making sure to get my whole scalp. It’s not like soap so it doesn’t suds up your whole head as easy as soap shampoo would. I do wash my hair once a week but I used some colloidal silver and grapefruit seed extract in architecture research papers, mine to keep it fresh in the mason jar. As A Web! Obviously refrigeration will also help to extend the life further too! There IS a detox period though, just as there would be for any other no poo options. I have found that color treated hair takes a MUCH longer time to detox from and if you have colored your hair in the last 1-3 months, that can affect how long it takes to get through the gothic, detox period as well.

Hope that helps! Thanks so much for replying! Blog writers who actually answer are the best. I have never coloured my hair, so hopefully the detox period won’t be so bad! I definitely went too much sparingly on resume as a, the mud shampoo so hopefully tomorrow when I wash it and use more, it will clean a little better #128578; Thank you tons for your response and recipe … can’t wait to see the copy chief, benefits of this for my hair and still super excited I found it! I washed my hair again this morning, and I’m really doubting if this stuff is actually CLEANING my hair. I’m honestly not getting the sense that it is.

I knew the second I took my hair out of as a web, my towel and birth order research paper, it wasn’t even remotely dry that it was going to dry heavy and greasy, and it is. For “detox” periods, does it mean your hair is clean after you get out of the shower but it gets greasier faster, or just doesn’t feel clean for as a a while? This is awful. I’m at organizing arguments essay, work and all I want to web, do is go home and wash my hair with normal shampoo. My head feels disgusting! I was seriously hoping this was going to gothic architecture papers, work, and don’t understand why it is so difficult #128577; I suppose I should clarify, the web, detox period IS going to be two things: 1) Your scalp will over produce oils as it is trying to readjust it’s natural oil cycle that shampoo destroys. Resume As A Web! Your hair WILL be greasy during this process.

If you can make it through this detox period, then your hair will not be greasy any longer. It sucks during the detox period because I ended up wearing my hair up for nearly 2 months because I had such damaged hair it took that long for my hair to get through the detox period. 2) Your hair shaft is shedding itself of all of the plasticizers and silicons from the conventional shampoos so brushing your hair daily for as long as you can manage, is vital to helping that process get along faster. Resume As A! It can be a trying process to get through the detox period as your hair and chief, scalp adjusts to it’s natural oil cycle. Many people drop out of the no-poo method early on because of the detox period! I hope it works out for you! Let me know if you have any more questions because I will help the as a web, best that I can!

Thanks, Christina! That gives me hope #128578; I’ll stick with it! I have a good brush I can use, so I will definitely be brushing a lot more. Thanks so much! Hey Christina! I am extremely excited to report that my hair is slowly becoming less and less greasy every time I wash it! I am super excited! I was washing it every two days, and arguments, then I realized a couple days ago that at the two-day mark, my hair didn’t look so awful anymore. Resume! I waited another day and washed it, (so three days between washes) and when it dried, it barely looked greasy.

SO happy I stuck with it! I can tell this is way better than the BS/ACV method. A few things though. I don’t think my hair is getting the moisture it needs, as my scalp is a little itchy and dandruff-y (not as bad as when I was using baking soda though) and my hair is organizing a little staticky. I’m hoping that adding a few drops of resume as a, rosemary oil in will help with that and not make it oily. Also, kind of a question: I noticed that my hair took FOREVER to dry (like: hours, I washed it before I came into work, and it was still damp until lunch at organizing essay, least), and resume as a web, I am not in a humid climate. Plus, I do not have thick hair. Resume As A Web! Does regular shampoo/conditioner have things in it to resume, make your hair dry faster? I’m thinking I may just wash in in the evening instead and if it’s still damp in organizing arguments, the morning, use a blowdryer on it before straightening or something. Anyway, thanks so much for resume web this! So, I made this recipe yesterday and tried it out.

Mine turned out very watery – is this how it is supposed to essays on stds, be? Also my hair today feels kind of sticky…but I think that might be a ‘user error’ so I’ll continue to work with it. I was just very surprised at the consistency of it. Oh and the only difference to the recipe is that I used a bit of honey instead of Aloe Vera and Bentonite Clay. Thanks! Hi there Barbra! If it comes out too runny for resume as a web your liking (I find it easier to apply if its runny enough), you can always add less water/hydrosol and/or more clay to the recipe. You’re hair may experience all kinds of wild things while it goes through the detox phase (that is persuasive essays on stds unavoidable regardless of the resume, no-poo method used) and persuasive, if you were like me and colored your hair along with all kinds of as a web, other damage, it will take even longer. (When you dye your hair you basically turn it into swiss cheese with holes throughout the hair shaft) I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that I may have to cut 2 inches off the bottom of my hair because I did too much damage to it to repair. I hope your no-poo mud cleansing works out! Thank you for organizing arguments essay the feedback! I realized this morning that the sticky feeling was actually the dye being stripped from as a web, my hair (the purple/blue/black fingers and comb were a big clue!).

Since I’m not ready to stop dying my hair…I think I might be out of luck with this recipe. Organizing! And so the search continues! Dear Christina, (love the name!! #128578; I can not tell you how thrilled I am that I found your site, and as a web, especially this new series about order research outline, Healthy Hair. I have tried both baking soda and castille soap recipes, and was not overly impressed. Yes, I noticed some softness at first, but the Castille soap caused me to resume web, go in persuasive essays on stds, oil production overdrive, and the baking soda seemed to be causing an unusual amount of drain clogging hair ball nastiness #128577; When I read your first Healthy Hair article, I was so excited, somebody else who has had similar results!

I could not wait until you revealed your solution, thank you thank you thank you! I can not wait to give this recipe a go. I have had so much success with your other recipes across the site, that I have no doubt I will find similar success with this one. I do, however, want to clarify that for this recipe you use Marshmallow root in the bulk/raw state, not the powder, correct? My guess is everyone must be trying this, because MRH is sold out of Marshmallow root! LOL. Hi Kristina (love your name too lol)! Thanks so much for being a fan.

I am glad you found my little slice of the internet here! You can use the resume as a web, powder instead, but just know it is a little more work to strain. If you have a good cheese cloth or I actually use my fine mesh produce bags for 1250 word essay the grocery store lol. If Mountain Rose is out, definitely check out as a Bulk Herb Store I get my herbs from there when MRH is out of copy, what I am looking for. They’re a family run business and resume as a web, really really nice! Thanks for the great suggestions! #128578; Was curious to organizing arguments, ask your opinion… I am currently on a food grade DE (diatomaceous earth), kick.

Are you familiar with it? After doing quite a bit of research, I have been taking it internally for about a week, very slowly increasing my dosage, and resume as a, have noticed some very positive effects! Knowing that DE is about 80 or more percent silica, I was thinking it could be used in chief, conjunction with or possibly even replace the web, clay in resume, your awesome mud recipe. Any thoughts? #128578; This is such a great idea, I have some DE and web, use it for all kinds of stuff, but you know I hadn’t thought about adding it to resume as a web, the mud recipe. You should definitely try it out and see how you like it! Please come back and tell us all about it! #128578;

I just found your site yesterday and absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I’m tired of resume as a, trying to persuasive, find natural hair care products that won’t break the web, bank, so I’m definitely going to give this and the homemade pomade a try. I’m anxiously waiting for your post on conditioners!! I was wondering how many drops of essays on stds, essential oils you ended up putting in your mud cleanser? I think I dropped in my blend for my Wanderlust spray in resume web, the Etsy shoppe (it smells kinda like tropical punch so I thought it would smell good in my hair). Arguments! How many drops you use really depends on which essential oil you use. Web! If you’re using a spicy oil (clove, nutmeg, ginger, etc) or minty oils, or even some of the woodsy oils, you need to use less of them. Lavender, tea tree, chamomile, sweet orange, grapefruit, lime, vanilla, etc. you have more leeway with in the percentage you use. If I was just using grapefruit lavender I’d have probably tested 20-30 drops total in there, though you could get away with more if needed, because it’s a decent amount of mud in the recipe. I looked for resume as a web hydrosol and it was pretty expensive.

Where do you buy your lime hydrosol? And do you use three cups of it or a mixture with distilled water? I buy all of my products from Mountain Rose Herbs. Hydrosols can be a bit exspensive depending on the herbs! You can just use distilled water rather than hydrosol or of course even a combination of the two. I just happen to have a lot of hydrosol around from my business, so I am able to make recipes with it. I figured, if people have it on hand, they would want to know they can substitute the water for resume web hydrosol.

You ma’am, are awesome! Right now I use castile soap about chief resume, 2 or 3 times a month, but I HAVE to resume web, use a conditioner in copy chief resume, the shower when I do, otherwise it’s a complete mess! Thanks for the breakdown of web, why this is research paper outline no good for the hair, and for the wonderful list of as a, alternatives. Your mud shampoo recipe also looks very interesting – definitely looking forward to trying it out soon. Thanks again, I’m sharing this everywhere! #128578; Thanks so much for copy all your research and info on web, different products.

I was never successful with no poo so I think this will help. Thank you for sharing your recipe with us. I went to cosmetology school years ago and we did learn about alkaline shampoo and essays on stds, its effects on hair. Good shampoo is resume as a web expensive and hard to arguments, find. I will try your solution!

This is great! I’ve tried castile soap in resume, the past and hated it. I’m definitely going to give these options a try!

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essay profile sample Professional Writer and Editor. The following piece appeared in the Spring, 2002 issue of Research and Creative Activity magazine, a publication from Indiana University. Y ou give me anything, any area, from the stock market to biology, and web I’ll show you where partial differential equations appear. The voice of organizing arguments, Jacob Koby Rubinstein, professor of mathematics at IU Bloomington, bursts with enthusiasm as he points at the door to his office and as a launches into an explanation of how math figures in door manufacturing.

And that’s just the beginning. Farming, emotions, food, clothing—there seems to be no end to Rubinstein’s examples of how mathematics affects research and production. After explaining how math has helped makers of garage doors understand why a certain bar tended to break in research papers, the same place over and over again, he moves on to economics. Resume. In the stock market, the essay, main tool for the options market is partial differential equations, he says. Now, every main brokerage firm is employing mathematicians and physicists to as a solve partial differential equations arising in the stock market. R ubinstein, who came to Bloomington from Technion Israeli Institute of essays, Technology in Haifa, Israel, has made a career out of connecting the ethereal world of higher math to the concrete world in which we live. An applied mathematician, Rubinstein has analyzed problems ranging from the as a web, behavior of superconductors at extremely low temperatures to the behavior of human beings in highly complex situations. (One example of his work in the latter area concerns auction theory, a subset of a field known as game theory).

But Rubinstein’s primary area of research is optics, including the creation of eyeglass lenses. Intuition might suggest that the design of lenses for microscopes, telescopes, and cameras involves much more complex calculations than lenses for a pair of spectacles. But Rubinstein counters this presumption. Even though they look very simple, modern eyeglasses are a very complicated object, because the copy chief, eye scans in many different directions, he explains. With a camera, there’s one lens, and you look straight through it. Some eyeglasses have the added complexity of bifocal or trifocal lenses that have no distinct line separating them. Resume Web. Designing and organizing arguments manufacturing such lenses requires the use of partial differential equations, an area of math frequently employed in the optimizing process. The surface curves of as a web, a lens determine how light is refracted through that lens. 1250 Word Essay. The goal in designing a multifocal lens is to resume provide eyeglasses that give the wearer a clear view of all depths—a book, a computer screen, the house next door, or a distant mountain. Solving partial differential equations reveals the complex curves needed in the surface of the lens for producing the optimal refraction of organizing essay, light for this purpose.

The optimization process leads to equations so complicated that they cannot be solved without the aid of powerful computers. T o get an idea of how these equations work in an optimization process, imagine an irregularly shaped loop of wire—what might result from bending a coat hanger so that it was clearly no longer all in as a web, one plane. When that loop is dipped into architecture soapy water and removed slowly, a film will stretch across the as a web, space bounded by the closed loop of wire, and this film will naturally form a surface that exhibits the resume as a web, optimal curves for using the least amount of soap film. Resume. This optimization process happens spontaneously in nature, but for humans to artificially construct a complex surface of this type in the optimal shape requires the use of partial differential equations. Rubinstein’s efforts in this area have brought him two patents, with several more pending. One patent concerns measuring lenses, the other is related to the design of multi-focal progressive lenses. Optics research today remains largely within the domain of industry, but Rubinstein points out that the IU School of Optometry in Bloomington provides an exception to the rule. I’m very impressed by the research activity at the School of Optometry here, he says. These people are undoubtedly one of the leading groups in the world. He is equally impressed by the Department of copy, Mathematics in Bloomington, which he joined in 2001.

It’s a really good group of people, he says, and they have a very strong tradition of work in resume as a, applied math. In fluid mechanics, for example, which is one of the organizing arguments essay, most difficult areas in resume as a web, science, Indiana University is one of the strongest places on earth. F or Rubinstein, the distinction between applied and theoretical research often becomes blurred. It is 1250 word essay, very difficult to predict what kind of mathematical work is going to be applied, he says. But the appeal of having a tangible impact drives Rubinstein, as it did in his initial work on eyeglasses. It was, for me, very attractive, he says.

I do some mathematics, maybe write some software, and then I will have something I can feel, that I can hold in my hand, that will provide a cure for some eyesight problems. This sample is actually two profiles of the same person. The Indiana University Foundation has a newsletter called new ground that has both a print version and an online version. The print version has a short piece which prods people to go online to see the resume, full story. E ddie Kominowski started working at the Foundation during his junior year as an essay undergraduate in Bloomington. Now, just over a decade later, he is stepping into the position of Regional Director of Development in Major Gifts. He comes to the job after successfully helping South Bend kickoff its first $5 million capital campaign. Major gifts—donations of web, $25,000 or more—come from people who have the means to support us and the interest in doing so, Eddie explains. It’s my job to continue the relationships we have and to build new ones. This Hoosier native comes from a family that values education—both his parents, who are IU alums, and his brother are schoolteachers—and his work allows him to copy chief have an impact on the education of others. Plus, for Eddie, working at the Foundation means you get to resume as a web work with the best—you’re surrounded by resume as a web, people at as a web, one of the top foundations in gothic architecture research, the country.

For the full story go to resume as a web the new ground web site. W hen Eddie Kominowski greets you, he beams—a huge, warm smile spreads across his face and his eyes twinkle. It quickly becomes clear that he has a talent for connecting with people. Order Research Paper. As newly appointed Regional Director of Development in Major Gifts, he will be using this talent. My job is to build relationships, he says, and he has been doing precisely that since first working at the Foundation during his undergraduate days in Bloomington. Eddie’s first project with the Foundation, which came during his junior year in 1990, was to as a update the Directory of Services. By the time he was done, he knew the Foundation inside and out. (He also points out that the directory he produced is still being used over a decade later.) After earning a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration, he began working fulltime on capital campaigns in Bloomington.

In recognition of his abilities in this area, he was later tapped to research outline work on the kickoff of South Bend’s first $5 million capital campaign. N ow, Eddie has returned to as a Bloomington to work on major gifts, which are donations that exceed $25,000. It’s my job to go out and find the people here in Indiana who have the means to support us and the interest in doing so, the lifelong Hoosier explains. He then helps potential donors make contact with people at the university. Every case is unique, he says, because it’s personal. Raising money for the university has tangible results for Eddie, and the framed photo in his office of South Bend students who received scholarships makes it all very real and present for him. Something I did actually had an impact on them, he says. Eddie intends to continue having an birth research paper outline impact on web, people through generating support for IU.

Higher education in the United States provides opportunities for people to break out of whatever is copy, holding them back, he says, and that’s the value of resume as a, education. The following piece is arguments, a sample of a short profile of an resume web individual. It runs slightly over research paper, 300 words. “O ne good way to stop the conversation at a dinner party is to say that I’m a math professor. If anyone responds at all, it’s simply to say, ‘I hated math.’ Then silence follows until someone changes the subject.” Dr. Peter Sternberg, Professor of Mathematics at Indiana University, laughs as he shares this observation. He goes on to stress that he loves his work—both teaching and conducting research—despite the as a web, frustration he encounters when he tries to discuss it with friends.

Discussing it with students is another matter, and he strives to stay “aware of which points in a discussion are going to be hard for the students to understand.” Prof. Sternberg brought an impressive educational history with him when he joined the IU faculty in resume, 1988. After graduating as valedictorian from his southern California high school, he attended the University of California at Berkeley. Before graduating with honors from resume web Berkeley, he was accepted to resume as a web the Courant Institute at New York University, the foremost place in resume as a web, the world for research into Prof. Architecture Papers. Sternberg’s area of interest: partial differential equations. Here he worked under the tutelage of the eminent mathematician, Prof.

Robert Kohn. After obtaining his Ph.D. from NYU, he switched coasts once again to pursue post-doctoral work at Stanford University with Prof. Joe Keller, a world-renowned applied mathematician. Applied mathematicians use mathematical models that correspond to real problems from another discipline, such as physics, while theoretical mathematicians explore concepts that do not necessarily have any connection to the physical world. Prof. Sternberg, for example, uses partial differential equations to study how magnetic fields affect superconductors. Unlike most professors, who clearly align themselves in one camp or the other, Prof. Sternberg “straddles the fence” between applied work and theory. He uses applications to help direct the thrusts of his research, but he feels drawn to the theoretical side. “For me, the web, aesthetic is important. I put a really high premium on elegance.” The following piece is a sample of architecture research, a long profile of an individual.

It runs between 1200 and 1300 words. J ust saying the word, “mathematics,” to people brings forth a multitude of reactions. In many cases, memories of the emotional trauma caused by resume as a, high school algebra and resume as a web trigonometry instantly produces shudders. Others, some of as a web, whom were born with a natural talent for math, remember it as the 1250 word essay, easy part of college entrance exams. Among these, there are the rare few who find themselves seduced by its beauty. They spend their lives exploring the far reaches of this always unfolding universe, which spans the range from the solidly concrete and utterly pragmatic to the purely theoretical and entirely ethereal.

Dr. As A. Peter Sternberg, Professor of Mathematics at Indiana University, is one of these people—he loves math. In Prof. Sternberg’s case, an aptitude for mathematics runs through his veins. His father, Dr. Eli Sternberg was an engineering professor at the California Institute of Technology. Nevertheless, it was not always clear that the son would follow his father’s career choice.

After being mesmerized by the televised congressional hearings about Watergate, Prof. Resume As A Web. Sternberg had found his idols: Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the as a web, Washington Post reporters credited with unearthing so much of the scandal. During high school, as editor of the school paper, Prof. Sternberg was ever diligent in his efforts to expose any wrongdoing at the school. Research Papers. At one point, a rumor surfaced that $600 was missing from the school fund for clubs. The newspaper pounded away at the story until the matter was cleared up: a bookkeeping error—something much less dramatic than the editor may have hoped.

A fter graduating as his high school’s valedictorian, Prof. Sternberg began his undergraduate work at the University of California at Berkeley. Always interested in math, but still feeling the effects of being bit by the journalism bug, he hedged his bets. During his first two years he chose courses that could lead to either a math degree or an English degree. In the resume as a web, end, math won out, due in part to a professor whose style was reminiscent of the law professor played by John Houseman in arguments essay, the movie, The Paper Chase . This professor would write something on the board, then whirl around and bark, “Sternberg!

What’s the answer to web this?” “I loved going there,” Prof. Sternberg recalls, “even though it was terrifying.” This class joined with others to make what Prof. Sternberg regarded as a “spectacular, just phenomenal program.” Before graduating from 1250 word essay Berkeley with honors, he was accepted into the doctoral program at the Courant Institute of New York University, the foremost place in the world for research into Prof. Sternberg’s area of interest: partial differential equations. Here he worked under the tutelage of the eminent mathematician, Prof. Robert Kohn. After obtaining his Ph.D. from NYU, he switched coasts once again to pursue post-doctoral work at Stanford University with Prof.

Joe Keller, a world-renowned applied mathematician. Two years later, he took a tenure-track position at IU, and gained promotion to full professor ten years after that. Simply stating that the resume, field of mathematics involves highly specialized areas of study fails miserably to convey the isolated nature of research into higher math. Every department at a university has professors working on organizing arguments, “highly specialized areas of study,” but in almost any other field, all the members of a department can easily follow any paper presented. Not so in math. Many of the professors in a math department cannot comprehend the work of their peers, because the branches of as a web, study can lead in persuasive essays, extremely disparate and secluded directions. It is no wonder, then, that most people outside the field remain in resume as a web, the dark concerning the order, research work done by mathematicians. One result of this, comments Prof.

Sternberg is that announcing his profession at a dinner party is “one good way to stop the conversation. If anyone responds at all, it’s simply to say, ‘I hated math.’ Then silence follows until someone changes the subject.” S o, what does it mean to resume as a web do mathematical research? Perhaps the best place to start is to gothic research papers say that mathematicians solve problems. Describing in detail these problems that they solve might be extremely difficult, but one important distinction can be made easily. The field is generally broken into applied mathematics and resume as a theoretical mathematics. Research into applied math involves studying mathematical models which correspond to real problems from another discipline, such as physics. Resume. Prof. Sternberg, for resume as a example, uses partial differential equations to papers study how magnetic fields affect superconductors.

Strictly theoretical research, in as a web, contrast, focuses on organizing essay, mathematical concepts without any concern for a connection to something in the physical world. As with many such divisions, the distinction becomes blurry in as a web, some instances. Work done in 1250 word essay, applied math sometimes stimulates new research that is web, strictly theoretical; likewise, some theoretical discoveries have practical applications never foreseen by the researchers involved. Unlike most professors, who clearly align themselves in copy chief resume, one camp or the other, Prof. Sternberg “straddles the as a, fence” between applied work and theory. He uses applications to help direct the thrusts of his research, but he feels drawn to the theoretical side. Arguments. “For me, the aesthetic is important. I put a really high premium on web, elegance. It’s got to be something very clean.”

Conducting research is only part of the job, of course; there are classroom duties as well. Teaching has been particularly rewarding and satisfying to Prof. Sternberg, who has adopted a strikingly different approach from the confrontational professor he liked so much at Berkeley. By focusing his efforts on finding the resume as a web, areas in any subject that are most likely to cause problems for resume web students, he makes the process of learning math as user-friendly as possible. Birth Order Outline. “I think a lot of as a, teaching has to do with being able to resume as a web be aware of which points in a discussion are going to be hard for resume as a web the students to understand. It sounds obvious, but I think most people can’t do that. Most people don’t realize when they’re going over something that’s going to organizing arguments trip people up. They just fly right through it.” His appreciation of the resume as a web, difficulty many people have with math was fostered in part by his work directing an experimental program at on stds, NYU that taught remedial math to students with very weak math backgrounds. W orking as a professor has the web, added benefit of allowing Prof. Sternberg to engage in two of his favorite pastimes: traveling and attending major league baseball games. His search for “elegance,” which has led him all over the globe, dovetails neatly with his penchant for visiting distant lands.

Not inclined to pursue research independently, he has fostered collaborative relationships with mathematicians in Chile, Israel, Japan, and England. On top of this, conferences lure him to destinations around the world as well as across the country. It is on these trips within the U.S. that he sometimes has the opportunity to indulge in his passion for essays on stds baseball. Originally a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers , the team closest to his childhood home in southern California, Prof. Sternberg switched his loyalties to the New York Mets while in graduate school at NYU. When he came to resume web New York, they were the worst team in all of baseball, but as he was finishing his dissertation, they were in the last leg of copy, a season that would culminate with winning the World Series.

Caught up in the excitement of their success, Prof. Sternberg mentioned the Mets in the acknowledgements for his dissertation and as a thanked them for “providing inspiration with their many victories this season.” The following piece is a sample of a profile of architecture papers, a small business. In this case the profile focuses on the history of the owners. B CS Advertising, “a small, creative team with a big focus on customer service and results,” has been providing Bloomington and Indianapolis with advertising and marketing expertise for over 15 years. Run by Paul Smedberg and Jeannette Brown, BCS can claim credit for some of the sharpest and resume as a web most effective web sites for organizing local companies and organizations. A visit to their site ( leads into a portfolio of sites they have created.

It becomes clear rather quickly that this creative team is not just another one of the as a web, thousands of web site design companies that have sprung into existence in recent years. The sites are invariably crisp, clear, easy to use, and engaging. In some cases, BCS not only designed the site, they also designed the logo, wrote the copy, and provided the photography. Beyond being Internet specialists, they also work in other media and offer public relations services. Plus, their composition department takes book or periodical manuscripts and prepares them for publication. This last service harks back to the company’s origins. BCS stands for research Brown Composition Systems, a company started by resume as a web, Ms. Organizing Arguments. Brown in the early 1980’s. A native Virginian, her family moved to resume Bloomington when she was young. Now her children ride their bikes along the resume as a web, same neighborhood streets she did as a child.

In the web, 1970’s, after graduating from IU with a liberal arts degree and pursuing graduate work in graphic design, she took a job with a typesetting company and came to be responsible for quality control. Resume. Prior to the proliferation of word processing and desktop publishing, a huge and steady market existed for professional typesetting. It turns out that the company she worked for, which specialized in resume as a web, producing non-fiction texts, was co-founded by Mr. Resume As A Web. Smedberg. Y oung companies that grow fast cannot avoid taking risks. In the case of this typesetting company, the risk was depending excessively on resume as a web, one client.

In business school textbook fashion, this risk proved dangerous: at one point the steady flow of copy chief, work ceased. Chaos ensued. In the aftermath, Ms. Brown and Mr. Smedberg each decided to start out on their own. While she started Brown Composition Systems, he started Smedberg Information Systems, a media conversion service. Understanding this business necessitates a knowledge of the early history of the computer revolution.

Before Microsoft Windows—before even MS-DOS—computers could not speak so easily to each other. Media conversion was the business of providing the expertise and equipment to as a web bridge the gap between computers from different companies or from different sections within the arguments, same company. Resume As A Web. As the need for this service receded, Mr. Chief Resume. Smedberg found himself drifting back to one of his early pursuits: advertising and marketing. A native of the Chicago suburb of Morton Grove, Mr. Smedberg got his first taste of the web, power of effective marketing during junior high school. Gothic Research. The advertisements for his lawn-mowing service generated an enthusiastic response.

The ads might have led customers to expect something more professional-looking than this crew of as a web, eighth-graders, Mr. Smedberg recalls, but no one complained about the results. This entrepreneurial spirit along with his knack for resume as a web marketing savvy led Mr. Smedberg to find ways to fund himself while a student at resume as a, IU in the 1970’s. A friend invented a small rear-view mirror that would attach to a cyclist’s glasses, and resume as a web Mr. Smedberg successfully managed the marketing. Later, he founded the resume as a, Nashville and Brown County Guide. “I worked every other weekend for six months,” he remembers, “and it paid all of my expenses for a year.” With an resume as a web experience like this under his belt, it is not surprising that he would start other companies. “The longest job I ever had was nine months,” he reveals. As A Web. “I got fired from it, and that was the best thing that ever happened to me. I can’t say I was happy at the time, but at some point I realized that I was never going to work for anyone ever again.” Later, as Smedberg Information Systems found itself moving in the advertising direction, a decision was made to merge with Brown Composition Systems to form BCS Advertising.

Ultimately, the merger extended beyond business boundaries, and Mr. 1250 Word Essay. Smedberg and web Ms. Brown got married. I t has been a fruitful partnership. “Our talents dovetail perfectly,” Mr. Smedberg explains, “she’s left brain dominant, and copy I’m right brain.” Ms. Brown handles much of the nuts and bolts administrative duties and all of the composition work. Mr.

Smedberg is the master of computer-generated graphics and marketing theory, and resume as a he does most of the writing. Resume As A Web. They throw their creative forces together to devise many of their advertising strategies and also share the web, graphic design duties, though Mr. Smedberg handles this task for most of their clients. Whenever he produces the initial design, Ms. Brown provides criticism and in all cases she uses her quality control skills to make sure everything is in proper order. If the 1250 word essay, creation of as a, a web site requires programming work, that duty also falls to Ms. Copy Chief Resume. Brown. On a whim during her college days, she took a beginning course in computer programming. Shortly after finishing the course she went with a friend to spend a few days relaxing at a farm. Resume As A. To her surprise, she discovered that the farmer was attempting to devise a program to manage milk deliveries—using the same language she had just studied and the same type of computer! (Remember, this was two decades ago, before Microsoft was ubiquitous.) Unable to resist the 1250 word essay, opportunity to help debug the program, Ms. Resume Web. Brown spent two solid days working on the computer with the farmer. “This is when I knew I was hooked,” she says, “programming was no longer an abstract exercise—it had a direct and tangible impact on research paper, someone’s life.”

Looking to the future, BCS Advertising intends to stay “a small, creative team.” Their formula has worked well and as a there are no plans to change it. As with any small business, the flow of work arrives in waves, but manageable ones—“Never really feast, and organizing arguments essay never really famine,” says Mr. Smedberg. The rhythm is as a web, fine with him. The slow periods give him more time for his family and his independent projects, and when the work comes in, he looks forward to it, because, as he says, “Advertising is fun!” The following piece is a sample of organizing, a profile of resume web, a small business.

In this case the resume, profile focuses on the business's characteristics. G iven how many small businesses fail, there is always something to be learned from those that succeed. BCS Advertising of Bloomington, still going strong after 15 years, provides a case in point. The basic formula for this company’s success can be stated rather succinctly: Provide a high quality product at resume as a, a reasonable price and back it up with exemplary service. Of course, formulas such as this are easily stated, but not so easily enacted.

Paul Smedberg and Jeannette Brown, who run BCS, have managed to create an advertising and marketing company that makes this strategy a reality. One characteristic that they use to their advantage is their size. Being small enables BCS to provide an unusually high level of access to their clients. Communication between a customer and the creative team never gets filtered through an chief resume account executive, because BCS has no account executives. Mr. Smedberg notes that “the people who write and present the web, proposal are the resume as a web, same people who do the majority of the work. Plus, when a client calls with a question, opportunity, or idea, we can provide quick information and execution.” This means that their clients have what Mr. Smedberg calls “a marketing brain on a leash.” On top of this personalized service, they also make a blanket guarantee: the customer will be completely satisfied . Web sites are not launched and printed pieces are not printed until the customer says they are perfect.

Mr. Smedberg stresses this point, “We will fix or re-do it until the customer is satisfied.” K eeping customers satisfied is one thing: finding them in the first place is something else. In an effort to resume attract new clients, BCS charges nothing for an initial meeting. Some of these meetings result in no further contact, but when the client expresses interest in their services, they seize the opportunity. After laboring diligently to prepare a thorough proposal, they meet the client again to present an gothic papers outline of the project along with the anticipated costs. Experience has shown that this is an investment that pays off. Resume Web. Putting a strong effort into their initial proposals more often than not has meant securing a new client. A large part of what BCS offers their customers is electronic media and Internet marketing. In fact, this accounts for order research paper about half of their sales, the other half being mostly printed materials, magazine ads, and direct mail campaigns. A visit to resume as a web their web site ( leads into a portfolio of resume as a web, sites they have created.

It becomes clear rather quickly that this creative team is not just another one of the thousands of web site design companies that have sprung into web existence in recent years. The sites are invariably crisp, clear, easy to use, and engaging. In some cases, BCS not only designed the site, they also designed the logo, wrote the copy, and provided the photography. Having skills in print media as well as electronic media enables BCS to help clients save money by producing both simultaneously. Paper Outline. Much of the copy and design work created for a web site can be used to make a brochure at the same time at a fraction of the normal cost. But that is web, only one of the ways BCS tries to control costs for their customers. They also keep their prices down by refusing to follow the standard advertising agency practice of order, marking up printing and media purchases.

Additionally, they have begun setting up some clients with Just-In-Time (JIT) printing, which involves preparing computer files that are used in the customer’s own office. This approach changes the economics of producing multi-colored materials in small quantities. The cost of producing such work on printing presses has always made ordering small quantities prohibitive, but with JIT printing, once the file is prepared, all a customer needs besides a standard computer is a high quality color printer and the right paper. Furthermore, BCS can train a client’s staff to make simple changes to existing pieces—a brochure could be continuously updated or customized for a specific purpose each time before it is printed. Web. Companies of all sizes can save money with this approach.

T he services already mentioned are only a part of what BCS offers their wide array of birth order, clients. Their composition department takes book or periodical manuscripts and prepares them for publication. Resume Web. They have experience producing videos and 1250 word essay recently completed a series of three 15-minute videos on teachers’ professional development programs in Texas, Ohio, and resume as a Kansas. They also can provide a full range of 1250 word essay, public relations services and work both in web, business-to-consumer and business-to-business advertising. Clients, who are all from within Indiana and organizing arguments essay are mainly from resume as a Bloomington and Indianapolis, include not-for-profit and public sector organizations in addition to businesses. Though BCS does not target a particular industry, a significant portion of their work has come from real estate companies, who have needed brochures and web sites for developments, apartment complexes, and commercial properties. The indispensable element that must underlie all of these advertising efforts is good marketing theory. Mr. Smedberg discovered his knack for and attraction to the art of selling during childhood when the advertisements he made for his lawn-mowing service generated an enthusiastic response. Over the years he has developed the following basic orientation as a starting place for most clients: “We usually look at advertising from the point of view of increasing sales.

We look at the channels an chief resume organization takes to reach potential customers. Web. We look at which channels are most cost-effective. Which types of advertising have worked in the past? How are customers retained, or how can they become bigger customers?” The next step depends on organizing arguments essay, the individual circumstances. For example, he says, “In many cases, a campaign of web, press releases to trade publications is a highly cost-effective method of organizing arguments, generating interest in a new product or service.”

B y combining their talents with a commitment to service and to web keeping costs down, Paul Smedberg and Jeannette Brown have made BCS Advertising into a successful small business. Plus, they have done this in organizing essay, a highly competitive market where there is a general tendency among customers to do business with larger agencies. These two show us that bigger is resume as a, not always better, and they aptly describe themselves as “a small, creative team with a big focus on customer service and results.”